Instead of making a yoga post, you get a yoga bullet: good point about teaching in a gym- lower price makes the classes more accessible. Challenging point about teaching in a gym – more likely to have brand new students and fairly experienced students in the same class. I think I generally balance it out pretty well.

Having already exposed my (not so) secret love of Wipe Out, I figured I’d also comment on my other reality faves. Currently I’m also watching the Denise Richards show, Flipping Out, and Shear Genius.

The Denise Richards show (Denise Richards: It’s Complicated) has become a surprise favorite. I think the title is ridiculous, but I would *totally* hang out with that chick. She’s kind of shockingly normal, all things considered, and has a great sense of humor about herself.

Flipping Out. AMAZING. I can’t say how MUCH I love this show. Jeff is a nutbag. He’s a completely self-aware nutbag who ALSO has a sense of humor about himself. That’s got to be pretty rare. Also, wickedly talented at remodeling houses. Mostly I watch for the crazy.

Shear Genius is the hair version of Project Runway. The challenges are more interesting than I had expected they would be, mostly because the stylists also have to take into account what their clients want. They don’t get a blank slate to start with and sometimes that workes entirely against their purposes. Also, Daniel and Charlie are BRILLIANT.

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