Ariel Tweto needs a fanpage.

I just watched her on Wipe Out tonight and she was fantastic. She was funny and competitive. She made it across all the big balls (a first in the show) and didn’t give up even when her time was certainly going to put her out of the running. It was really cool to see someone have fun with what they were doing and stay positive the whole time.

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  1. Doesn’t hurt that she is cute too. I’d so be her first boyfriend. Hehe.

    she was so awesome!!

    such energy.

  3. She needs a Myspace page!

  4. Theres a fan group on Facebook..

  5. The 20 year old, never been kissed, virgin from Alaska was incredible! The first contestant to get across the Big Balls. Even after her 15+ minute run in the finally. I thought she had a shot when the next contestant couldn’t beat her time. I was rooting for her the whole way. Anyone that could smile throughout that competition is a winner.

  6. ariel was really damn funny in wipeout. i enjoy the show very much only for that particular episode. and i’m quite surprised she got lotsa fans overnight!!! wow!! ive been acting since 1987 but i dont get much fans as she does! thumbs up for ariel… bravo!! anyone knows how to contact ariel?

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