The Closer starts tomorrow!

I love crime drama. I love almost every crime drama*, but I especially love The Closer. They do a fantastic job with characterization and the cases. The ensemble cast is amazing and their chemistry is great. My only little quibble with the show has been the degree to which they make Brenda food-obsessed (I thought they were going to take a terrible turn towards premature menopause last season but the crisis was averted) – otherwise she’s polite but hard as nails. She’s smart and knows it but doesn’t feel the need to hammer that home in every episode. She’s also flawed and they do a great job of making her ‘normal.’ There are a lot of summer shows I like, but this one is love.

Burn Notice started last week also, which is worth watching if only for Gabrielle Anwar and Bruce Campell. I’m not saying Jeffrey Donovan isn’t good but the two of them come close to stealing every scene.

My second favorite summer show – Psych – should be starting soon and I’m not going to apologize for my unabashed Gus and Shawn love. In fact, I’ll start sharing now.

*I can’t stand CSI. It’s a whole rant, but I won’t get into it.

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  1. I once had to explain to my daughter that those jobs on CSI? Don’t really exist. She was ready to go to career day looking for William Peterson and sign up for an internship.

  2. I love Psych and Burn Notice too. Can’t wait for the new episodes next week. :-)

  3. GAAHHH! My whole rant about CSI revolves around those jobs. Where the crime techs DON’T walk around with flowy hair and INTERVIEW SUSPECTS. But I’m going to stop now. I promise. :)

  4. are you going to watch the cleaner on a & e? it looks good. we’ll see.

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