BUSY couple of days at work and some unexpected (and fun) travel over the weekend leads to a lack of posting.

Saturday we saw Watchmen. I loved it. Spouse even enjoyed it quite a lot. I seem  to be in the minority of fans who 1. do not care that the ending was changed from the graphic novel. I thought the film ending made more sense and was more interesting/compelling. 2. Loved the soundtrack. Didn’t find it distracting and loved the song choices.

Sunday was 13 hours of work. Today was 8.5. Tomorrow is likely to be less, though there are no guarantees.

Today I took Piper for a run. By run I mean sprint/walk intervals. Our path was 1.8 miles roundtrip and hopefully we”ll work up to 3 miles. Here’s the view where we turn around:


Our turnaround point.

Our turnaround point.

I’m also learning interesting things about cardio workouts at high altitudes. We’ll see if we can’t muster up the same enthusiasm tomorrow. It’s especially nice to do right before I go to work because Piper’s a little less wired up when I leave.

For tonight, I am sleeping in the dungeonlike-dark basement because I will not be awakened by 1. alarm clocks at 6:30 am or 2. sunshine coming in my window. I need to catch up on the sleep I didn’t get last night.