Beasts of the Southern Wild

I know this was Oscar-nominated and all but, WUF. It was charming and heartbreaking and just – ALL OF THE FEELS.

I’m in the last four days of currentjob and developing all of the usual newjob anxiety. Luckily there’s something approaching a uniform (more of a dress code, really) so it will make laundry pretty dang easy.

Unrelated, I’m really enjoying Robin Thicke’s latest album. I have previously not cared for him and though I do not give a fuck about the naked girls in his video, I DID think the ‘Robin has a big dick’ boards were creepy. I was won over, in the end, by the video of him, Fallon and the Roots playing with the kiddie instruments.

I was thinking today that I need a place to hang out where there are people but I don’t have to talk to them. Then I remembered there’s the internet.

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