Blarghity blarghity shenanigans

Blargity stopped showing up as spelled incorrectly when I went back and added an h. I have nothing for this.

I’m back from Montana. I’m not exactly happy about it. With each visit, I see how it would be really easy to move there. It reminds me of Carlinville and I kind of love that. M rented a house which is a little weird but only for about six months, so he’ll be looking to change in the spring. We’re 13 months away from his degree being completed, which is the timeline for me planning to move there anyhow. That means the house here will go on the market in the spring.

Our de-stuffing project continues apace. We’ve both shed a lot f items and I’m going to get a ton of stuff donated to the resale shop in Dillon, mostly because I’m too goddamn lazy to have another sale. That coupled with impending snow (though maybe not this week after all) means that aside from work travel I’m going to be spending all my spare time putting shit in boxes.

Unrelated to all the above, I think I’m going to experiment with the hippie-style no shampoo program. I’ve been using what they call “low-poo” shampoo for a while (no sulfates) but I only wash my hair two or three times in a week anyhow, so it’s not a great leap to using the homemade baking soda/water combo with vinegar rinse. I’ve got a favorite BPAL scent that I plan to add to the rinse and it’ll mean a hell of a lot less stuff in my shower.

Haven is back on and that makes me stupidly happy. We watched some movies this weekend as well:
Rapturepalooza is incredibly filthy and hilarious. Hilarious. Laugh out loud funny.
Oblivion was surprisingly entertaining. Despite having a SOUNDTRACK, it was engaging and interesting.
Trance was a solid thriller and James Macavoy got to use his real accent.

On my drive back to Colorado I spent some time catching up on Nerdist podcasts. I listened to the episodes with Neko Case and Katee Sackhoff and I just want you to know that it’s fucking excellent when people you are already fans of turn out to be just as/even more awesome than you hoped they were. I laughed my goddamn ass off during Sackhoff’s whole interview. Love.

I really don’t enjoy being back in my house alone. I may potentially have a roommate at the end of October but it’s not the same. There’s a different kind of quiet when M’s not here that has nothing to do with a lack of noise.

Maybe I’m taking a paperwork day tomorrow. I’ve got to catch up on expenses anyhow.

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