ChefTap is awesome

I know that I’ve raved about the app before and its amazing portability is really the best part. Second best, it’s easy to use – go to a webpage, hit share and choose ChefTap. It automatically imports whatever you’re looking for.


They made it better. If you pay for a Pro subscription (in beta) it lets you enter a webpage from your desktop and send it to your device of choice. It lets you sync your recipes from your device to the site. It is, in a word, FANTASTIC. Totally worth the $12 (easily the cost of one cookbook) and allows you to curate your own cookbook and carry it in your pocket. No need for a list of ingredients because it’s IN YOUR PHONE. Grocery shopping made instantly easier, even if you’re not sure what you want to make when you walk in the store.

Using the website, I was able to import all the recipes from my pinterest Recipe board with one click. Best. Ever.


In related food news, the Well Fed cookbook that I raved about all last year now has a sequel. It’ll be here on Monday.

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