New year, new things

1. I changed my haircolor.

I’ve had my natural blonde color for a couple of years now and I’m bored with it. Light Amber it is (thanks L’oreal)!

2. The outage from bluehost has me reconsidering my bloggery.

I’m doing a test over at squarespace (I think the last time I checked them out was 2009 or something) and we’ll see how that goes. The idea of not using wordpress is WEIRD. I think it’s one of the reasons I decided against squarespace when they first came out. To say that they’ve upped their efforts in templates is an understatement. Still, I’ve been using wordpress since the beginning (something like 10 years now?!) and it will have to be a wicked easy interface to lure me away.

3. Bullet journal

I’ve been feeling a little scattered since the new job in August and I’m thinking this is a good system to corral all my crap. I’d been keeping my work stuff out of my phone, since I have a work phone and juggling the two calendars is a PitA. So. Here’s hoping. I’ve already modified some of the ‘original’ layout ideas and I’m also using it to log my dreams. Multitasking, ftw!

4. T25

This is the thing I’m going to be rocking on this year because my workouts have fallen off dramatically. While I don’t mind having a size 6 ass, I’d like it to be in better condition. 25 minutes a day is doable.

5. Five things makes a list.

Books! According to Goodreads (link on the right) I read 69 books I’m not embarrassed to talk about this year. It may be 70 if I finish my current read before our holiday shenanigans. I’ll post the five star reviews tomorrow.


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