I had a truly bizarre dream the other night (there have been several in the last few weeks) that began with me working at Safeway. It was in my most recent position and there was some crisis (because there always was) and then somehow I was at sea, then at the beach and then there was a shark attack.

I’m gonna go ahead and pin that on new job nerves.

Training is going well. I’ve been doing a lot of reading to get up to speed on my subject area, as well as sitting in on sessions. It’s given me a better understanding of the program and methodologies. I expect this week to be nuts and bolts, reports and policies. Perhaps not so oddly, those are the bits I like best so I’m looking forward to it.

My sleep schedule is still a bit wild. My brain would like to be awake at 6 am. My body is inclined to be in bed at 9:30. Like, um, now. It’s easier at the moment – being away from home – but I think my plan will be to endeavor to stay up until 10/11pm. There’s a method to the madness.

Spouse is abd on his program now. The first three chapters are done, he proposes in mid-June and we expect to defend in October. He does better work in the evenings (more wide awake, etc.) As I’m accustomed to getting up early, I plan on being at work by 7. This will give me time before the morning staff arrive to get any cats wrangled. If he stays at work an hour late to work on his dissertation, I’ll have plenty of time to get home, work out and make dinner.

Both of us will have sufficient time to devote to work as well as spend time together. I’m also pretty excited because we’ll be able to do a couple activities together all summer (golf, shooting) since his homework is finished.

Speaking of shooting- we bought guns. Yay 2nd amendment!

We’ve been talking about buying handguns almost since we’ve been married but for one reason or another never did so. Spouse used to hunt a lot when he was younger and we’ve been living in prime hunting country for more than 5 years now. He’s got his eye on a specific rifle, but our wedding anniversary is around the corner and an opportunity presented itself this weekend. We each got a .40 caliber pistol (mine is Smith and Wesson, his is a Sig) so we’re going to start target shooting at the free range in town.

Related: for some reason I thought a federal waiting period had been passed? Maybe because Colorado has a three day waiting period or a backlog on their background checks or something. At any rate, there isn’t one in our state so after the background check we left with our purchases. It was oddly…simple.

We are now some of ‘those people’ about whom people on the news will generalize wildly and inaccurately. ‘Murrica!

I am not caught up on Orphan Black, Hannibal, The Americans or Elementary. Mostly this means I only have to avoid twitter all weekend as nobody seems to tweet about The Americans.

We saw Godzilla this weekend and I’ve got to say I was disappointed.

  • Wasted 3D. Utterly wasted.
  • Pacing. WTF. I haven’t wanted to check my watch in a film in AGES.
  • Either embrace the camp of your monster movie or try to be a movie with monsters. This failed epically hovering in the middle.
  • I didn’t give a shit about a single one of the characters,
  • There wasn’t enough Godzilla to make up for the amount of time they spent failing to make me care about the characters.
  • The execution of Godzilla was the single best thing about the film.
  • I am not exaggerating to say that I got more enjoyment out of watching Fast and Furious 6 (the one where they all get superpowers?) later that evening in the hotel.